Tuesday, 13 July 2010

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Wednesday, 30 September 2009

M Saifur Rahman was the Hero of Bangladesh

M Saifur Rahman was our hero. The Hero of Bangladesh. Little we know about his vast works that he proudly done throughout his life. He was a member of the World’s Economic Think Tank.

He participated in the Language Movement in 1952 when he was the vice-president of Dhaka Muslim Hall for which he also had to land in jail.

It’s a great tragedy that he was not buried with the dignity he so much deserved. The Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina did not even show the least courtesy giving her condolence. How poor narrow minded it is.

But we are a great nation and well deserve a decent broadminded Prime Minister.

KM Abu Taher Chowdhury
Community Leader

Saifur Rahman: Architect of Bangladesh Economy

Former finance minister and the reformer with biggest contribution to building free market economy in Bangladesh, Saifur Rahman was killed in a road accident yesterday.


The reform man

Star Report

An assiduous person that he was, Bangladesh’s longest serving finance minister M Saifur Rahman was loved by the audience for his serious remarks laced with humour, often in his own Sylheti dialect. Wherever he was, he always carried an air of freshness in ideas, vigorous conviction and straightforwardness. And through decades of his political career and wisdom, Saifur almost became a true statesman, often criticising his own party stances on issues such as hartal and anti-privatisation sabre-rattling. Inside his party, he was one of the few saner heads respected across the file and rank.

We also have published above similar news story
From The Star, Bangladesh

I have so much respect for late Saifur Rahman

I think you are doing a great job. I have so much respect for late Saifur Rahman which I can not express in words. I also have so much memories which I will share with you in some time.


M Saifur Rahman’s unforeseen death touched my heart

M Saifur Rahman’s unforeseen death touched my heart so much that I Ask God why did HE not end his life in a rather comfortable way rather than taking his life in a such cruel and unthinkable way. Any death is deplorable. However Mr. Saifur’s death was rather more deplorable, more saddened, more tragic and more heartbroken.

To me he was an excellent accountant turned politician turned economist. I will miss him a lot.

Shahagir Bakth FARUK


British Bangladesh Chamber of commerce

Bangladesh's longest-serving Finance Minister M Saifur Rahman

Bangladesh's longest-serving Finance Minister M Saifur Rahman was buried on Monday at the family graveyard in Baharmardan of Moulavibazar after he died in a car crash on Saturday, 5 Sept. 09.
He represented Bangladesh in the Commonwealth, UN, World Bank and International Developemt Aid meetings and strictly maintained the policy of potraying us not as beggers but a country with millions of hard working people and overseas remittance earners and a number of innovative devlopment paradigms to gift to the world such as Micro-credit, Non-formal Education, Disaster Management and Women empowerment.

As a Finance Minister he always blatantly criticised impcompetency in civil service and gave opportunites to merit hard working officers. He did bring a number of reforms in Revenue Generation and NBR service as well.

Business community loved him for creating a most business friendly policy package for industrialisation which triggered the highest industrial growth rate in Bangladesh during his two tenures as Finance Minister. And, he inrtoduced them in the face of stiff opposition from World Bank and donors who always prescribe anti-industry reform pacakges that increase business costs.
'The last act is always tragic, however happy all the rest of the play is.
At the last,
a little earth is thrown upon our head,
and that is the end for ever.....'
Dr. Hasanat Husain MBE
Voice For Justice World Forum

Dear Mr Ahmed,

I read your tribute to the late Mr Saifur Rahman with interest.

I came to know Mr. Rahman in 1976 when President Ziaur Rahman appointed him Commerce Minister in his Cabinet of Talents. Zia told me earlier in February that year he was contemplating bringing in leading technocrats in the government in a bid to solve the country's dire problems.

It was fortunate for Bangladesh that Saifur Rahman was moved to the finance ministry shortly afterwards. In this capacity he served four governments - two under Zia and two under Begum Khaleda Zia. During this time Bangladesh made great strides in economic development. He served a considerable period as aboard member of the World Bank and was for a period its Vice President. That helped Bangladesh's cause immensely.

I had the honour of interviewing him on several occasions for the BBC. I was greatly impressed not only by his great grasp of finance and economics but also by his kindness and generosity.

His demise is a great blow and loss for Bangadesh. May Allah grant him Jannatul Ferdous in the next world.

Serajur Rahman,

Former Head BBC Bangla
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